The “Legacy of Inca” Slot Review: Unearthing Ancient Treasures

Legacy of Inca


“Legacy of Inca,” a creation by Play’n GO, invites players on an epic journey into the heart of the legendary Incan temple Coricancha. The quest revolves around uncovering the treasure of an Incan King, hidden within the storied temple. As players collect sacred coins, they embark on a thrilling adventure in pursuit of legendary treasures and eternal glory.


Legacy of Inca






Visuals and Theme:

The visual design of “Legacy of Inca” transports players to the heart of Incan culture, capturing the grandeur of Coricancha. The reels are adorned with symbols reflecting the richness of Incan heritage, including sacred coins, majestic temples, and iconic artifacts. The game’s thematic richness and attention to detail immerse players in an ancient world.




Gameplay and Features:

“Legacy of Inca” offers an array of features designed to enhance gameplay and increase the excitement of the adventure:



Wheel of the Gods Free Spins: Triggered by landing three Temple Scatters, this feature introduces the Wheel of the Gods. The ancient Incan Gods decide the number of Free Spins awarded (1 to 20). A bar at the top of the reels determines the quantity of Wilds landing on the middle three reels during each Free Spin round.


Temple Spins: During Free Spins, landing two or more Temple Scatters triggers the reappearance of the Wheel of Gods. This time, it decides the additional Free Spins granted (between 3 and 8), adding an extra layer of anticipation and potential rewards.


Sacred Coins: As players collect sacred coins, they unlock pathways to legendary treasures and the chance to leave their mark on the “Legacy of Inca.”








Audiovisual Atmosphere:

The soundtrack of “Legacy of Inca” complements the theme, featuring evocative melodies that transport players to the heart of ancient Incan civilization. The immersive sound effects enhance the overall experience, creating an atmosphere filled with mystery and discovery.







Final Verdict:

“Legacy of Inca” delivers an enthralling blend of historical exploration and thrilling features. Play’n GO has skillfully crafted an experience that beckons players to unravel the secrets of the Incan temple. With its engaging features, thematic richness, and the allure of legendary treasures, offering the chance to claim remarkable rewards and leave a lasting mark on the “Legacy of Inca.”





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