The “Athena Ascending” Slot Review: Unleashing Olympian Power

Athena Ascending


Embark on an epic journey through the mythic realms of Greek gods in “Athena Ascending,” a sensational creation by Play’n GO that unfolds the second thrilling chapter of Athena’s saga. As one of Olympus’ most powerful deities. The destiny of the Olympian dynasty lies in your hands – are you worthy of Athena’s divine blessings? There’s only one way to find out.


Athena Ascending






Visuals and Theme:

“Athena Ascending” enchants players with its divine design and compelling theme. The reels are adorned with symbols that resonate with Greek mythology, featuring Athena herself, owls, and other iconic elements of ancient Greece. The backdrop transports players to the sacred halls of Olympus, creating an immersive atmosphere steeped in the grandeur of divine power.




Gameplay and Features:

Discover the unique features that make “Athena Ascending” a wild Greek mythology adventure:



Free Spins Round: Land three Owl Scatters to trigger the Free Spins round, a thrilling phase where the Free Spins continue as long as a Wild is present on the reels. The regular appearance of Wilds in every third spin elevates the excitement and potential for substantial wins.


Multiplier Wilds Ascend: Experience a fresh take on Multiplier Wilds during Free Spins. Each Wild becomes stronger with each Free Spin, ascending to higher multipliers. This dynamic gameplay introduces an element of strategy and anticipation, creating a more engaging and potentially rewarding experience.


Increased Multiplier Potential: Building upon the original game’s potential, “Athena Ascending” introduces a remarkable increase in multiplier values. Winning combinations can now be multiplied up to an astounding x64 during the Free Spins, opening the door to extraordinary winning potential.






Audio and Atmosphere:

The game’s soundtrack harmonizes with the divine theme, featuring majestic tunes that amplify the sense of grandeur and mythical allure. The soundscape captures the essence of Olympus, enhancing the overall atmosphere and creating a captivating environment for players.





Final Verdict:

“Athena Ascending” stands as a testament to Play’n GO’s commitment to delivering exceptional slot experiences. With its divine theme, innovative features, and heightened winning potential, this slot promises an exhilarating journey through the realms of Greek mythology. Brace yourself for an epic adventure alongside Athena and seize the opportunity to ascend to Olympian heights with each spin!







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