What is flower arranging? 

Flower arranging has been around for quite some time. After all, arranging flowers is as old as the first flower itself. Some of the most famous florists are over 100 years old and have been consistently evolving their craft to appeal to the times. It is a great art form that requires you to be a bit of an artist too.The process of flower arranging is not an act of creating new flowers, but instead an act of putting what you have to maximum use. The art of arranging stems is in bringing together flowers and foliage (green stems) that compliment one another vividly. The result is that the room or space that you put the arrangement into ends up looking stunning. Doing something similar at home can be a cute touch to bring life to your surroundings and make things look more beautiful. This can be done by following simple steps with your own hands and getting creative with different materials. 

How to arrange flowers

9 Steps to Arrange Flowers

Flowers can brighten up any space and add color. Learn how to arrange flowers professionally and beautifully, no matter the size of your vase. Flowers are beautiful on their own but we will teach you how to arrange flowers so you look like a pro. 

Step-by-Step Flower Arranging

Step 1. Gather your materials.

  • Use scissors to trim stems. Also, gardening shears can be used.
  • Vase – Choose your favorite vase to display flowers. You can also wrap them in brown paper if you are giving them to someone. 
  • Plant food – Premade bouquets can often include packets of plant food.
  • Water – Flowers thrive when there is water! Plus this is the best way to keep them looking fresh
  • Your choice of flowers – You will need greenery, as well as main and secondary flowers, to create the arrangement.

Step 2 – Remove any leaves and make sure stems are trimmed at a 45 degree angle. Use greenery to fill in any gaps.

Step 3 – Measure the flowers against the vase and cut them accordingly. This allows the flowers to retain more water and keeps them alive longer. The general rule of thumb is for each flower to have about a foot long stem. However, you will want the greenery to be a few different lengths for dimensions.

Step 4 – Add half of the vase water. If you have less vase water, you should change it every three days.

Step 5. Add the food to the vase. If the food sinks, you can stir it until it dissolves.

Step 6. Next, cross your leaves to create a base. Remove any leaves that fall below the water line. 

Step 7. Add your focal flowers. You want them to be evenly distributed.

Step 8. Add any secondary flowers. Secondary flowers are often smaller and add dimension to your arrangement.

Step 9. Arrange the leaves and fill in any gaps.

How to Arrange Large Vases of Flowers

Choose the right flowers for arranging flowers in tall or cylindrical vases. The centerpiece can be one of several colors. You will want to pick the biggest flowers as the main focal point. Then you can add smaller different color blooms around it. Once you have the main flowers set this is when you can go in and add texture and greenery. If your vase is 10 inches tall the height of your entire arrangement should be around 25 inches tall. 

How to Arrange Small Vases of Flowers

Use a small vase to hold a few brightly-colored flowers. You don’t need to add greenery to a smaller vase. When using a smaller face you will want your arrangement to be at least one and a half times more than the height and two times the width of the vase. This is so people can still see each other over arrangements if it is a centerpiece.

Tips and Tricks for Arranging Flowers

  • Make sure you clean your vase before you pick the flowers.
  • If you have flowers in neutral colors, use a bright vase.
  • If you are new to flower arrangement, you can mix flowers from the same family.
  • You can use unique flowers like succulents or kale flowers to add variety and color to your arrangement.
  • To create a solid base, place a grid of tape on the vase’s mouth. Next, place the stems into the grid’s holes and then cover them with tape.
  • The vase should only be ⅓ of the whole arrangement. ⅔ of the arrangement should be the flowers.
  • Use unique and different vases. You don’t have to stick to the typical glass vase. 






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