Organize Your Way to Weight Loss Success | Part 3

Happy Sunday y’all! Hope you are absolutely CRUSHING your All-In Challenge! We are THROUGH the cleanse phase and on to MAX it out! The next 14 days (and beyond) is where your body has been cleansed of all the “gunk” you’ve put in it and is now ready for optimal nutrition absorption. While it’s called […]

Organize Your Way to Weight Loss Success Part 2

Wow. I can’t believe there are now 100,000 people, nationwide, participating in the All-In 24 Day Challenge! Last week I got SO many messages, texts, emails etc asking if I would be sharing our approach throughout the 24 days, so, by request, here we go! Before we jump into the plan for Week 2, I […]

Organize Your Way to Weight Loss Success

With the All-In Challenge starting this week, I thought I would share a bit about just how detailed of organization we put into this (or any other 24-Day Challenge) to set ourselves up for the BEST success possible. This challenge gets my organization itch scratched in the best way—not only do we get to ubber […]

Meal Planning Kit Now Available!

Super quick pop in today to share that the *NEW* 2015 Meal Planning Kit is now available in the Pretty Well Organized Shop!   This listing is for a pre-dated meal planning kit download {you print!} and includes: – Cover Page – 52 Weeks of dated meal planning pages with a space for breakfast, lunch, […]

Health Goal Update

Just fair warning this post is not so much about organization as it is about how I’m planning for and tackling my weight loss goals.  Over the last couple months I’ve shared a little bit about my plans to kick the baby weight to the curb with the help of organized meal planning and some […]