My Best Yes

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you’ve probably read my philosophy on being protective of family time, scheduling, committing to too much, prioritizing the right things and my overwhelming displeasure with the concept of “busy”. We are all over scheduled, overwhelmed, and in need of more hours in our days. With all […]

Introducing Baby William

There is no greater blessing than that of a newborn child. On Monday, October 6th at 8:17am, God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy, William David. He came into the world via c-section…all 9 pounds, 11 ounces and 20″ of him. He has dark brown hair and the darkest newborn eyes I’ve ever seen. […]

How to Create a Family Office Space

For the longest time, the small office space between our kitchen and pantry was monopolized by…well, by me. Exclusively. To make matters worse, I had all my Pretty Well Organized business papers, supplies, our home bill pay, school papers…you name it…all crammed in our little “office” space. It was awful. {Pardon the Pictures…Very Small Space […]