Quick Tips for Planning for the New Year

Hello Pretty Well Organized readers!  I’m so excited to be back sharing another planning post with you all.  Have you been following along with the Planner Challenge that’s been going on?  I’ve been playing along on Instagram, and I am just loving getting a whole new planner set up and ready for the New Year! I […]

Planner Challenge – Day 15 | Notes

      Today’s planner challenge prompt is super simple, it’s about notes! I like to have a lot of space for notes in my planner. I find I need space to jot down ideas, things to remember, etcetera. In my monthly spread, I have a notes section at the bottom of each page. I […]

Planner Challenge – Day 14 | Goals

Welcome to Day 14 of the 2015 Planner Challenge. I hope you all are enjoying getting your planners setup and ready to go for the new year. If you are just joining us, not to worry. You can catch up at any time by going to the first post and working your way through the […]

Planner Challenge – Day 13 | To Do Lists

I have a love/hate relationship with the topic of to do lists. There’s a definite part of me that gets giddy inside from crossing each and every item off the list. Then there’s that whole… my-to-do-list-owns-me thing. Where’s the happy medium? Just the other day I was determined to make a FULL comprehensive list of […]

Planner Challenge – Day 12 | Checklists

This might be my favorite day of the entire challenge! I love a good checklist. I recently read that writing down something and subsequently crossing it off actually releases endorphins — yes! So those of you (us!) who like to write down things we’ve completed just so we can cross them off: We are not […]

Planner Challenge – Day 11 | Multi-Day Events

Today’s prompt in the 2015 Planning Challenge is to write in any known multi-day events. First, define what a multi-day event is. I know, sounds simple, but it could mean any number of things and what’s most important is that you are consistent in your planner so that you know what things mean as the […]

Planner Challenge – Day 10 | Key Dates

Today’s planner challenge prompt is to add key dates to our planner. First things first, how do you define what constitutes key dates? To me that can mean any number of things: – Important Event – Holiday – Birthday – Anniversary – Vacation / Trip So when it comes to adding these into my planner, […]

Planner Challenge – Day 9 | Fitness

Welcome back! Day 9 is all about getting our Fitness on. A big goal of mine post-baby is to get back into shape. This will inevitably be super challenging with a newborn and a 3-year-old… plus balancing everything else, but it is a huge priority to me to be healthy. Please don’t equate healthy with […]

Planner Challenge – Day 7 | Weekly Spread

Today we are talking weekly spreads — also known as my default. If there’s a section of my planner that I have open at all times, it’s my current weekly spread. There are so many key pieces of information I keep on my weekly spread that it makes sense for me to have it open […]

Planner Challenge – Day 6 | Daily Page

When I started putting together this challenge, I tried to think outside the box–outside what I normally use and to what many people might use in their day-to-day planner. This concept of a daily page is one that I haven’t used in years. I use a daily page for work {via Outlook} but for personal use, […]