My Best Yes

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you’ve probably read my philosophy on being protective of family time, scheduling, committing to too much, prioritizing the right things and my overwhelming displeasure with the concept of “busy”. We are all over scheduled, overwhelmed, and in need of more hours in our days. With all […]

Health Goal Update

Just fair warning this post is not so much about organization as it is about how I’m planning for and tackling my weight loss goals.  Over the last couple months I’ve shared a little bit about my plans to kick the baby weight to the curb with the help of organized meal planning and some […]

Purposeful Planning: Priority #1 Jesus

Over the course of the last few months, I have started sharing some more personal aspects of my life, my heart and my soul about what matters the most to me, and what I need to work on. It has been difficult. Some have not understood why I am not making as much time for […]

Getting Back in Shape Goodies

Today is the day! I’m going back to the Doc to get cleared. Cleared and released for exercise. For a moment I thought, well… is that really all that exciting? So much to do… And then I looked in the mirror.  Yep. It’s necessary. GAME ON. So to motivate myself {and maybe you too!} I […]

Intentional Living

When I first wrote about the concept of purposeful planning, the response overwhelmed me. I know many of us are over-scheduled and overwhelmed, but what I didn’t realize is how many of you would be interested in changing that. Yes. I said it. Let me say it again: I didn’t realize how many of you […]

Introducing Baby William

There is no greater blessing than that of a newborn child. On Monday, October 6th at 8:17am, God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy, William David. He came into the world via c-section…all 9 pounds, 11 ounces and 20″ of him. He has dark brown hair and the darkest newborn eyes I’ve ever seen. […]

Planning for your Other Children When You Deliver

Today you can find me blogging over at Ask Anna with some more baby tips! I’m sharing a great way to plan for your other children when you are expecting. Stop over here to read more: How to Plan for your Other Children When You Deliver. Looking for more baby prep tips? Here are a […]

New Parent Door Sign

I was feeling extra sassy this morning, so I whipped together this little number to hang on our door when Baby Will comes. I know, sometimes I think I’m really funny. You can download it in the freebie section in my shop, if you feel so inclined. I never felt the need to have such […]

Be the Good

News flash folks. I’m pregnant. Like 37 weeks pregnant. Like get the baby out of me anytime would be fine pregnant. One thing I have noticed {and sarcastically posted on social media about my experiences with} with this pregnancy especially is that people say the strangest things to pregnant women. Things you wouldn’t say to […]

Q&A: Ask ME Anything!

Hi Friends! I thought a great way to kick off this new{ish} blog was to lay it all out there and be completely open with all of you! I’d LOVE for you to ask me anything–yes! Anything at all. It can be personal, organization, blog, work, anything you’d like to ask me about me or […]