New Year Kitchen Tips

Ah, another new year! Why is that we all get the urge to start fresh, organizing things, changing our lives for the better? I don’t know… I do know that I LOVE the energy that comes from a new year and this year is no exception. We have almost been in our house a FULL […]

Organize Your Way to Weight Loss Success

With the All-In Challenge starting this week, I thought I would share a bit about just how detailed of organization we put into this (or any other 24-Day Challenge) to set ourselves up for the BEST success possible. This challenge gets my organization itch scratched in the best way—not only do we get to ubber […]

Meal Planning Kit Now Available!

Super quick pop in today to share that the *NEW* 2015 Meal Planning Kit is now available in the Pretty Well Organized Shop!   This listing is for a pre-dated meal planning kit download {you print!} and includes: – Cover Page – 52 Weeks of dated meal planning pages with a space for breakfast, lunch, […]

Planner Challenge – Day 17 | Dividers

Do you use multiple sections in your planner? Maybe you use Multiple Planners? I like to separate things out, to make each section or topic more focused, so I do use both multiple planners and sections in my planners too! My current setup has the following sections: – Purposeful Planning Worksheets – Calendar – To […]

Planner Challenge – Day 16 | Shopping List

Today’s planner challenge prompt is for shopping lists. I always feel like I have multiple shopping lists going: Grocery, Target, the inevitable “wish list” shopping list…and then there’s what the kid’s need, etc etc. It’s never ending! I have an entire section of my planner dedicated to maintaining these lists. With the exception of my […]

Health Goal Update

Just fair warning this post is not so much about organization as it is about how I’m planning for and tackling my weight loss goals.  Over the last couple months I’ve shared a little bit about my plans to kick the baby weight to the curb with the help of organized meal planning and some […]

Quick Tips for Planning for the New Year

Hello Pretty Well Organized readers!  I’m so excited to be back sharing another planning post with you all.  Have you been following along with the Planner Challenge that’s been going on?  I’ve been playing along on Instagram, and I am just loving getting a whole new planner set up and ready for the New Year! I […]

Planner Challenge – Day 15 | Notes

      Today’s planner challenge prompt is super simple, it’s about notes! I like to have a lot of space for notes in my planner. I find I need space to jot down ideas, things to remember, etcetera. In my monthly spread, I have a notes section at the bottom of each page. I […]

Planner Challenge – Day 14 | Goals

Welcome to Day 14 of the 2015 Planner Challenge. I hope you all are enjoying getting your planners setup and ready to go for the new year. If you are just joining us, not to worry. You can catch up at any time by going to the first post and working your way through the […]

Planner Challenge – Day 13 | To Do Lists

I have a love/hate relationship with the topic of to do lists. There’s a definite part of me that gets giddy inside from crossing each and every item off the list. Then there’s that whole… my-to-do-list-owns-me thing. Where’s the happy medium? Just the other day I was determined to make a FULL comprehensive list of […]