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Planning On the Go

Ever found yourself out and about, needing to schedule an appointment, or jot down a reminder?  You are definitely not alone.  In today’s busy world, organization and planning while on the go have become a necessary fact of life for many (learn how to make time for your planner here).  For many, this is the […]

Organizing Important Dates

If you made a resolution to get more organized this year, you may want to think about how you’re going to organize important dates.  You know, all those birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc.  How are you going to keep track of them all? I know in the past, those important dates had a habit of sneaking […]

Quick Tips for Planning for the New Year

Hello Pretty Well Organized readers!  I’m so excited to be back sharing another planning post with you all.  Have you been following along with the Planner Challenge that’s been going on?  I’ve been playing along on Instagram, and I am just loving getting a whole new planner set up and ready for the New Year! I […]

Making Time for Your Planner

Life is busy.  There is just no way to get around it.  Whether you’re married, single, have kids, are still in school, working full time or working from home, I’m willing to bet you feel like there’s a lot on your plate.  With all that is required out of leading a happy and productive life, […]

How to Write a Better To-Do List

When you’re on a quest to get more organized, the first thing people will usually tell you to tackle is starting a to-do list.  To-do lists are a great way to remember all the tasks you need to get done, prioritize those tasks, and motivate yourself to get them done.  A to-do list is an essential part […]

Favorite Planner Accessories

Hello everyone!  So you just got your beautiful, brand-spankin’ new planner (or planners), you got it all set up with different sections and inserts, and you’re ready to dive in and start planning things! What’s next you may ask? Accessories of course! There are a few necessary tools you will need in order to make the […]