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Ever found yourself out and about, needing to schedule an appointment, or jot down a reminder?  You are definitely not alone.  In today’s busy world, organization and planning while on the go have become a necessary fact of life for many (learn how to make time for your planner here).  For many, this is the only time they do any real planning of their time.

In order to make the most of an on the go planning style, I have pulled together a list of my top choices for planning accessories.  Each of these tools help you organize your life, while being portable and simple to use while out and about!

Must have accessories (plus tips and tricks) for organizing on the go by Label Me Merrit on

1. Case

Must have accessories (plus tips and tricks) for organizing on the go by Label Me Merrit on


The first thing you will need is some sort of case to hold your portable planning kit.  Pencil cases are an obvious first choice, but don’t limit yourself to just this option.  Make-up bags can also be an excellent carry-all option.  Some even come will dividers which will be super handy to divvy up all your planning tools!

Make sure you really pick out a good case that can withstand everyday wear and tear.  Consider the size of your case.  Make sure it’s big enough to easy store all you plan to pack in it.  But make sure you don’t go too big, since you will be carrying this case wherever you go.  Pick a cute pattern while you’re at it!  The more you like taking out your planning kit, the more likely you are to use it and stay organized!

2. Pens

Must have accessories (plus tips and tricks) for organizing on the go by Label Me Merrit on

Next on our planning shopping list is pens!!  Of course you will need pens to jot down all your organized thoughts and plans.  I showed a few of my favorite ‘basic’ pens above with the pencil case, but I’m going to ask you to consider going a little deeper than your basic ballpoint.

I recommend carrying a small set of multi-colored pens (or fine tipped markers) in your planning kit.  This will help you color code your plans, making it easy to see what’s in your schedule at a glance.  I personally love Staedtler Fineliners, and have used them for years.  I also recently tested out Frixion pens (which also come in all sorts of fun colors) and fell in love.  The fact that they are erasable make them absolutely perfect for on the go planning!

3. Stickies

Must have accessories (plus tips and tricks) for organizing on the go by Label Me Merrit on

Another invaluable planning tool is post-its and page flags.  I always keep a couple sets of these handy for my planning.  There are many different kinds of stickers and flags, and each are good for different areas of planning.

I mostly use post-its for temporary notes to myself, or to ‘pencil in’ tasks.  Since post-its are repositionable, it’s easy to move a tentative plan from one day to another in my planner.

Page flags, on the other hand, are great for drawing extra attention to something.  Say I had a really important task or special date, that I just could not forget about, I simply make it stand out with a colorful flag!  I also like to use page flags as temporary dividers, for easy access to a grocery list for example.

There really are endless ways you can use stickies to help you organize on the go.  Try out a few of the methods I mentioned here, and see what works for you!

4. Clips

Must have accessories (plus tips and tricks) for organizing on the go by Label Me Merrit on

Clips are another planning tool I always keep readily available, and they are another tool that can be used in many different ways to help you plan.  Recently, my favorite way to use paper clips is to section off any past weekly inserts that I haven’t removed from my planner yet.  This helps me easily flip to the current week, saving so much time and page flipping!

Paper clips (and smaller binder clips) can also be useful for temporarily adding things into your planner.  Attach your grocery receipt onto your dashboard so you remember to record the expense into your budget when you get home.  Slip in the business card for the work contact you just made until you can file it away.  Again, use clips to add absolutely anything into your planner!

5. Washi

Must have accessories (plus tips and tricks) for organizing on the go by Label Me Merrit on

And what would a planning kit be without some washi tape?  Whether you’re a decorative washi user, or a more functional washi user, we can all agree that every lady needs a couple rolls of this in her on the go planning kit!

I personally use washi tape to mark off multi-day events in my monthly calendars.  You can also use washi tape similar to page flags, to help something stand out in your plans.  Or you can simply add a few strips of your favorite design to your weekly layout, to put a smile on your face whenever you open up your planner!

Now that you have your planning kit all put together, you are ready and set to do some planning on the go!  What other planning necessities are you going to include in your kit?  The beauty of these kits is they can be customized to your exact needs and planning habits!  What is the one must-have planning tool you couldn’t live without?

You can see a few more of my favorite go-to planning tools here.

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  1. Havok
    Havok says:

    I use a cute post-it as a divider to my grocery lists! It’s easy enough to position above the page before I leave, and as my planner doesn’t lay flat on its own yet, comes in handy while I’m shopping! Then when I’m done, put it back down the page so it’s not sticking out the top, and do it all again the next week! Very useful!
    I don’t actually carry a planning kit while I’m out and about, but I do have a few different colored pens in my purse, and they have come in handy a few times! But I keep a few blank sticky notes on a plastic flyleaf in my planner, just in case they are needed while out, and they are nice to have (for peace of mind’s sake!).

  2. Merrit
    Merrit says:

    Sounds like you do have your own planning kit, even if it is just made up of a couple of things! That’s what is so great about creating your own custom to-do planning kit, you only carry around with you what you truly need on the go 🙂
    And I love you grocery shopping post-it system, so smart!


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