Cleaning up the Cat Routine

We are cat people.

There, I said it.

We have two adorable fur-balls, Ella Mae (just 7 ad a half pounds of fluff) and Ryno (after Ryan Sandberg, 12 pounds), that we adopted at the local shelter long before we were even married. Our little fluffs were adopted in May of 2007, and were about 8-9 months old at the time we adopted them. They were brought into the shelter together, and have similar markings despite being different colors.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group, Litter Genie and Fancy Feast, but all opinions are my own. #pmedia #CatParents

Fur Babies

{Ella Mae on Lower Left // Ryno Upper Right}

Best Buddies


They are the absolute sweetest, and our daughter loves them both to bits. You could practically carry Ella around by her tail and she wouldn’t make so much as a peep–she’s incredibly patient. They have been such good companions for Olivia.

Baby Olivia


I can’t stand the litter box situation. #truth Since I got pregnant, I have not scooped a box one time. And by pregnant…I mean the first time. So I have not scooped a box since 2010.

Isn’t my husband amazing?

Truth be told, I just can’t stand the smell of it, the mess, and the just general…yuck. I just can’t.

A couple weeks ago, I heard about this product called Litter Genie.


I am definitely familiar with a Diaper Genie…having a 4 month old, but a Litter Genie? Amazing. Very similar concept to a Diaper Genie, except it is used to scoop litter clumps right into an oder blocking bag for easy scooping and disposal. One thing I absolutely can’t stand about scooping is that I find we generally wait until there’s a good amount of…hmm…scoopable(?) goodies in the box before we (ha, ok, you’re right, hubs) scoops the box. The Litter Genie, however, makes it way more convenient to scoop. *WHICH MEANS!!!* you don’t have to wait to scoop every few days! You can just quickly scoop and drop right into the Litter Genie on the spot, whenever you want. No need to scoop an entire box… the odor gets blocked by this neat little trap door that’s built into the Litter Genie.

Litter Genie

Say no more. I went off to Target to pick up not one, but two. We have 2 boxes, so thus, one Litter Genie for each. While I was shopping, I also grabbed a Fancy Feast 24 pack (which came with a free Friskies party treat mix from 2/15/2015-4/11/2015 while supplies last). We normally don’t buy wet food for our cats except for special occasions like Christmas or the day we celebrate their birthday (Mr. Ryno is a bit overweight and is on low cal cat food), BUT, since we are going on vacation shortly, I figured, it’s time to spoil our fur babies.

I set up the Litter Genie right next to the cat food storage container we have stationed in our laundry room. I liked that it blends in. It was very easy to set up–especially if you are familiar with a Diaper Genie. It has a pretty sweet air-tight design that can keep odor at bay for up to 14 days. That’s my jam.

Litter Genie Appearance

The kitties were very interested in what I was doing in their space, so I went ahead and gave them one of the wet foods… I’m such a sucker for their sweet little meows! They throughly enjoyed the Fancy Feast wet food–and I felt better giving it to them knowing that it is packed with protein (they’ve been making cat food for over 25 years after all!).

Fancy Feast

{excuse me… I’m trying to eat here Ryno}

It’s safe to say the kitties are pretty excited about the upgrades to their organized little nook in the laundry room. The litter box scoop is no longer laying around near the box since it clips on nicely to the Litter Genie and they are happy having a few treats in the process. Anytime I mess with their space, I try to give them some extra loving 🙂

Party Mix

 Cross your fingers (or tail, I guess) for our fur babies while we are on vacation!


Note: You can buy any 2 Litter Genie Refills or 24 pack Fancy Feast products during 2/15/2015 and 4/11/2015 (while supplies last) to get a free treat or cat toy at Target.

2 replies
  1. Havok
    Havok says:

    When I had a cat, the litter box was the worst part. The smell, the dust that got everywhere, and there being no feasible way to keep all the litter actually in the box.
    So, now, I just don’t have a cat xD
    But if this had been a thing when I did have one, I’m pretty sure we would have had one, simply because if it works, it’s a brilliant product.

  2. Shawnda
    Shawnda says:

    We have four cats, three litter-trained ferrets, and three litter genies. They are awesome! The refills can be rather spendy, but I found that if I wrap the top of a regular old kitchen trash bag around the empty refill and reinstall it, the litter genie still works just fine. 🙂


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