24 Day Challenge Results

If you’ve been following along on my journey, you know that I had some ambitious new years goals. One of which was kicking this baby weight to the curb. If you are just now joining, a quick recap:

We make some big babies around here. Olivia was 11 lbs 5.1 oz and 22.25″ long. Will was 9 days earlier than his sister and joined the world at 9 lbs 11 oz and 21″ long. With both babies, I gained almost 60 pounds (60 exactly with Olivia; 58 with Will). The morning we had Will, this was the situation (230 lbs):

Baby Birthday


As Olivia would say “For REAL.” It for real did not feel amazing to see that number on the scale. You know what else didn’t feel amazing? My energy. My self-esteem. I came home from the hospital, after having an almost 10 pound baby weighing 218.8. Seriously. The math does not compute. I chalk it up to post-delivery water retention.

Despite eating very healthy for the next 4 weeks, on November 4th, I still weighed 210 pounds. Over the course of those 4 weeks, the last 2 resulted in not a single pound lost. I was stuck. And pissed. #honest

I called my friend Niki who had just amazing post-baby weight loss success with some nutritional products from a company called Advocare. She helped me pick out some good supplements (like OmegaPlex for DHA, and CorePlex with Iron for baby) and a great drink called Spark which helps with energy and mental focus (what mom doesn’t need that!?) with the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Lord knows I was already drinking my allowance of coffee (and maybe even a little more than I should have–admittedly). I started eating according to Advo guidelines (clean!) and focused. I had great results and lost about 15 pounds between November 4th and Christmas.

And then things stayed level. I hung out at 195 for a couple weeks. I asked my hubs to join me on what’s called a 24 Day Challenge. It’s a 3 and a half week plan to reset your body and start over. It starts with a gentle cleanse and then 14 days of clean eating and great supplements.

I started out at 195, and had the following measurements: chest: 40″, waist: 37″, hips: 46″, thigh: 23″.

At the end of 24 days I can proudly say I now weigh 184 (total loss of 11 lbs), and have the following measurements: chest: 38″, waist: 33″, hips: 43″, thigh: 19″ (total loss of 13″).

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are my before and after pictures from the last 24 days:

24 Day Challenge Front View

{after 1/31/2015 vs. before 1/7/2015}

24 Day Challenge Side View

{after 1/31/2015 vs. before 1/7/2015}

I will share my exact supplements and whatnot another time, but for now, I’m going to go celebrate, by following the same plan I have been the last 24 days…because this is NOT the end of my journey. I have 12 more pounds to lose 🙂


PS. You can read about my entire journey here: Weight Loss.

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  1. Havok
    Havok says:

    Congrats! Both on the scale side of things, and the feeling better overall side of things as well! It’s easy to forget that a higher number on the scale can easily lead to less energy and just less feeling awesome, and not just “having a few extra pounds”!!

  2. Sara
    Sara says:

    You look so amazing friend! Congrats and way to kick anger to the curb and do something about it! Thank you for also helping me on my journey to lose the baby weight! I had a great success as well as the hubs on the 24 day challenge! XOXO


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