Planning On the Go

Ever found yourself out and about, needing to schedule an appointment, or jot down a reminder?  You are definitely not alone.  In today’s busy world, organization and planning while on the go have become a necessary fact of life for many (learn how to make time for your planner here).  For many, this is the […]

Cleaning up the Cat Routine

We are cat people. There, I said it. We have two adorable fur-balls, Ella Mae (just 7 ad a half pounds of fluff) and Ryno (after Ryan Sandberg, 12 pounds), that we adopted at the local shelter long before we were even married. Our little fluffs were adopted in May of 2007, and were about […]

Spring Cleaning Printables

    I don’t know about you, but I am OVER winter. I’m tired of tracking in dirt and grime from the cold, tired of the sneezing, the germs and I am READY for some warmer weathers and to open the windows and let some spring air in. The thought of spring makes me so […]

24 Day Challenge Results

If you’ve been following along on my journey, you know that I had some ambitious new years goals. One of which was kicking this baby weight to the curb. If you are just now joining, a quick recap: We make some big babies around here. Olivia was 11 lbs 5.1 oz and 22.25″ long. Will […]