An Intentional 2015 // Organized Goals for Your Business and Beyond


Even though we are half way through January, some of you may be like our family and just now getting back into the swing of things..finally. Even if you were on top of it and had time to reflect on 2014 and set some 2015 goals it is never a bad time of the year to sit down for reflection and focus on being more intentional. That’s one of my goals for 2015! With adding a third little to our brood, time is flying by faster than fast and I want to make sure I’m being very intentional with my time…for my family AND my business. I’ve put together some resources I have used, am using and will be using to do just that. I thought some of you might want in on the action too!

Some of you, especially mommas, have probably heard of Hands Free Mama. The background of this blog and book is a powerful story about a momma living life in the fast lane, caught up with her to-do lists, piles of laundry, volunteering, never being late, spending time on her phone and just plain ole doing it all. Sound familiar? We can all relate and frankly, some of her posts hit straight to the core. So hard that I cry. Like ugly cry. Because some days, maybe most days, that’s me. I try so hard to be present, to be an example for my children and when I fail I’m the one that is hardest on me. The guilt, the regret, everything just mounts to where its almost unbearable. This year, 2o15, is going to be the year when I let that go. I’ll get up, love my children with every fiber of my body (despite how many times they woke me in the night, amiright?!), do the best I can to be present, engaging, loving and patient and then go to bed without regrets. I haven’t read her book, but I do enjoy reading her blog. It makes me remember why I became a mother and not just to see my children as an accessory of life. They are my life so I want to live it together and live it well.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m a huge fan of Freshly Picked moccs for my littles. And it’s not just because they are super adorable and trendy. I happen to love their founder, Susan Peterson. She’s a true, hardworking, self-made entrepreneur and she’s one smart cookie. Susan has a big heart for other entrepreneurs and continues to show that through her support and sharing some of what she has learned, sometimes the hard way.  She is offering up some of her business skills for all of us over on called Freshly Picked Biz School. I think one of the most important ones is her goal writing class and it’s the first on my list to attend.

Next up is Jess Lively. Some of you may already know about her and her fabulous Podcast Series, The Lively Show.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jess at AH Inspired in 2013 and hearing her speak. She’s truly inspirational and has just a ton of knowledge not only about being a small business owner but living life with intention. She has several offerings, some free and some not, to help you live your life with intention. The most recent is this video series that I have just started to dive into . You can check it all out here.

Marie Forleo is just all around great and odds are if you own your own business you know exactly who she is. Marie doesn’t take herself too seriously which means her information-packed videos are interesting and entertaining to watch. She has an amazing program call B School where she teaches fellow entrepreneurs how to achieve their dreams, i.e. own a very successful business doing something they love. I can get lost on her site for hours because it is so full of useful information on being a business owner and frankly, being a human.

A lot of my industry friends have attended the Making Things Happen conference and therefore are avid fans of Lara Casey. I know all of them love her Power Sheets (which are currently sold out, sad face!) for focusing on how they will make their year more intentional by doing things they love. It’s not just for business owners either! They are for anyone that needs help creating action steps in order to make what matters most happen and it need not be January 1st to do that! Any day is a good day to start.

Heather Crabtree is another lovely lady I met at AH Inspired who also has a HUGE heart for helping creative entrepreneurs and she has recently gone full-time into doing just that. She has a fabulous blog full of strategies, tips and information on how to streamline your business. She knows first hand that creative types are not cut out for paperwork and accounting so she helps us make it easy and less time-sucking so we can get back to doing what we do best, creating!

And last but certainly not least, my sweet friend, Jenny Collier, just posted this blog post about her secrets to being a productive and organized blogger! What the what? Yep, sharing secrets. And you can beat your behind, I’m going to read it immediately because Jenny knows her stuff! Her blog is full of great ideas, inspiration and resources for any momma, business owner or not. Follow her blog here or Instagram here.

To cap it off, I want to share these  inspiring Instagram feeds. All of them have a lot to say about living your life intentionally for a more well-rounded and happy you!

Kathryn Duckett of Creme Brands (looks like something happened to her Instagram so follow her on Twitter or her blog here)

Bonnie of B is for Bonnie Design

Bob Goff

Val Woerner of Val Marie Paper

Verily Magazine

I hope y’all found this helpful! I would love to know what resources you use to get organized for the new year. Share them below in the comments, please


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