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I don’t know about you, but the one thing that goes with me everywhere (besides a little one or two) is my iPhone. I use it for practically everything and I have a handful of apps that help keep me organized and simplify my life. And it’s your lucky day because I’m going to share them with you! You’re welcome. No gifts necessary. Well, maybe some chocolate.


Wunderlist – I love a good list, in fact I have about five of them in between my kitchen counter, my phone and my purse. This app is amazing because you can make a list for anything under the sun and it keeps it all in one handy-dandy-I’ll-never-forget-where place, it has check boxes (the best part of any to do lists) AND you can share it with other people. Your spouse ever call you from the grocery store and say “What do we need?” and then you scramble around trying to remember or type out the list via text? NO MORE, I tell you! Simply share the grocery list with them and everyone stays in sync! Groceries is my favorite thing to use it for but Christmas lists and to-dos work great as well.

Evernote – I use this mainly for my business, but really this is for any avid list maker. Evernote has a ton of options when it comes to your notes. You can save pictures and web links, clipping what you need and even make notations on the picture. There are also a ton of formatting options, much like you would find in word. You can also share notes and notebooks if you have Evernote for Business which makes it great for teams. It also can be used via the interwebs and there is an app for Mac computers that all sync together so when inspiration strikes or a note needs to be made you can do it right then and there. I’m currently using my desktop version for this very blog post!


Chatbooks – If you’re an Instagram lover like me, you probably have seen this company being talked about. There’s a whole movement right now around actually printing out your photos instead of letting them live eternally on our tech devices. And Chatbooks has made that soooooo easy! My favorite thing is their Instagram book subscription. You get a 6×6 photo book of your Instagram feed shipped right to your door and you don’t have to do anything! Once you fill up 60 pages, it will automatically generate the book and ship it out to you. They’re $6/book for 60 pages and are printed on really nice paper. You can set your options beforehand like picking out the cover page, or excluding certain photos/captions. I’ve been doing this for several months and we love when a new one comes in the mail! You can also create books using a hashtag filter, like for an event or a child perhaps. I’ve subscribe to get books when I use my #moorepartyoffive hashtag. You can also create custom books, which I’ve down for our family Christmas photo shoot, my kids birthdays and even my husband and I’s honeymoon photos which we never bothered to get printed. You can’t beat the price, the quality is fantastic and you’ll thank yourself later!

Shoebox – Now printing out your photos is a great practice to get in to, but we also need easy storage and backup options. Shoebox to the rescue! This is a free app that stores an unlimited amount of photos in the cloud. Let me say that again so it sinks in…a FREE app that stores an UNLIMITED amount of your PRECIOUS, CAN’T BE REPLACED family photos in the cloud. Got it now? You can do this from your phone or computer (it all syncs together) and finally have a little peace about your photo storage. They also send you a fun email every day that gives you a snapshot back in time called “On this day” It could have pictures from last year, five years or more depending on how far back your digital photography collection goes.


Amazon – It’s no secret that I love Amazon Prime. Free two-day shipping, need I say more? There are a TON of other perks to having a Prime membership but really that’s my favorite. When you live in a small town and don’t have access to…well, a lot of stuff, Amazon steps up and delivers said stuff to my door two days later. Even if you don’t have the Prime membership, you should be taking advantage of Amazon’s vast selection and low prices. Even on things like paper towels and groceries. You would be amazed at how much you can save. With their smartphone app, you can even employ one click buying and easily shop for Christmas presents from your rocking chair in the middle of the night while nursing the baby. Done and done!

Cartwheel – This is a new one for me, but I’m falling hard for this app. It’s Target special savings app where you can search their “offers” and add whichever you need to your “cart”. They have offers on everything from food to electronics to clothing. Once you’ve filled up your figurative cart with offers, head off to the store, shop away and simply have them scan the UPC from your app at checkout. The offers are updated every week and usually last about 1-2 weeks and it should be noted these aren’t offers you can get anywhere else. For the Target obsessed, this is a game changer.

Baby + Child

Total Baby – I have used this app with all three of my kids and I couldn’t speak any higher of it. When you’re a new mom there are so many things you have to remember and with sleep deprivation and recovery, you just aren’t going to remember those things. Especially like what boob side am I on, when did the baby last eat and how many diapers did he have today? Total baby is there for you with their well-designed app. Easily keep track of their feeding schedule, diapers, baths and more! The detail you can get into is quite amazing and you may not need it all the time but it’s an invaluable resource for those early weeks.

One Day – Another new one for me, is this memory movie maker that my husband found. This app has different video prompts like “What do you want for Christmas?” or “Animal Sounds” that allow you to ask your child a series of questions, record their answer and then One Day makes a sweet little video with tear-inducing background music. It’s the ultimate answer to the age old parent question “How am I going to remember them when they are this little?!”


 Couch to 5K – I have to be honest and say I haven’t used this one in a while! But I have a good excuse, I just had a baby, ok?! But you can bet when I get the clearance for exercise here in a couple of weeks my behind will be getting in shape! I have to be able to keep up with all these kids. This app is super simple to use and will even integrate your music on your run. Each week is tailored to get you running a full 20-30 minutes (about 3 miles or a 5K). It tells you when to start running, walk and run again at different intervals. I did this with a couple of friends several years ago and we loved it!

My Fitness Pal – This is a mighty popular one because it’s a great way to keep track of your diet and exercise routine. You can even share or follow your friends to have an accountability partner. You can easily log your calories for the day with their seamless search system. You can even input recipes of your own or ones you use most frequently. You can also use this one on the internet and it will sync to your phone account. And it’s free!

Alright, no excuses now! Go get yourself organized with the help of these smartphone apps!


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