Planner Challenge – Day 6 | Daily Page

When I started putting together this challenge, I tried to think outside the box–outside what I normally use and to what many people might use in their day-to-day planner. This concept of a daily page is one that I haven’t used in years. I use a daily page for work {via Outlook} but for personal use, I just haven’t tried it.

A week or so ago, I thought it might be a good idea to try using a daily page just for the purposes of this post, and to see if it’s something I may want to include in a future planner release since it is often requested.

Well I stand corrected.

The daily page–well, it rocks. I might just be a convert.

Now that we have TWO kiddos to keep track of, it is that much more important to keep an accurate account of who is picking up who, from where and getting them home {to dance, to swimming, to everywhere else those little ones need to be}. I am also finding that will juggling work, blogging and now teaching at a local university part time {besides insane} really, really tough to keep my to-do lists managed. In fact, right now I have a running list for each, a priority list highlighted from each of those lists and none of it scheduled to a particular day because well, there just wasn’t enough room for that kind of a to-do list.

In the end, things were and are just not getting done. Case in point on this challenge #amiright I’m so behind.

So today is the day–the day I created a DAILY page…one that will continue to evolve, I’m sure of it, as I start to use it more and more. I’ve posted it up in my shop under the Freebies section so you can give a try as well. I’d love your feedback on it–just leave me some notes in the comments below. This will most certainly lead to my creation of a daily planner for the 2015-2016 release, so the more comments you provide, the more I can incorporate!

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 3.13.32 PM

To prepare your planner for 2015 regarding daily pages, today’s prompt may take a bit of time. You may want to split it up over a few days or curl up in front of the TV for a couple hours with a movie or your favorite show on the DVR. Go through and complete all the “known” activities on your daily calendars. For me, that means plotting in Bible Studies, Church, Night Class, Kid’s activities and recitals, etc. I highly recommend you put this information in your calendar now vs. waiting. Once the “knowns” are in there, you can work on putting in other activities as they pop up.

If you are just joining us, pop over to the 2015 Planner Challenge to learn more about getting ready for 2015 and about the great giveaway!

2015 Planning Challenge

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  1. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    Thanks for all of the helpful tips about planning. Keeping your planner out in sight is a big one for me.

    As you plan for the next calendar I’d like to share what I’m looking for. My kids are grown and I’m self-employed so my year really does go Jan – Dec. I don’t have lots of appointments throughout the day, so having a space for every hour on a page really doesn’t work for me. Currently, I have 1/3 of a page that runs horizontally across the page and that works for my appointments. I love having the to-do list on the same page as well as menu planning. The other thing that I’ve seen and I really want to implement is having a place to write what I’m thankful for during the day. My thoughts are that this could not only be a planner, but almost a journal for me as well.

    Thanks for what you give and I hope you’re enjoying maternity leave!!

    • Wendy
      Wendy says:

      Thanks SO much for your feedback and insight! I love hearing how everyone uses their planners–I firmly believe that we can learn so much from each other simply by sharing. Thanks for doing just that!


  2. Havok
    Havok says:

    I love this page! I like all of the scheduled out pages and they seem so helpful, but I am just not there in my life yet, to be bale to schedule myself – I can’t even get out of bed with the alarm, yet, sadly. I do love, though, that you’ve added a notes section. I’m a big fan of a notes or journal section. I like to add thoughts or possible plans or ideas to my planner, to have about for easy reference, so pages that have a section like that are important for me. For example, I’ve finished up my current scripture study bit, and I don’t want to start the new one until the 1st of the year (to easier keep track of progress), so from now until the 1st, I have Seminary to do, which I wrote in my planner as a note on the 8th.


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