Planner Challenge – Day 4 | Yearly View

In my planner, after the intro section, I keep a yearly view page with the 12 months of the year as a reference. I find it comes in handy when I need to quick look up the date of something. You can download a free template to create your own at Calendar Labs online, which I have done in the past to hang up on my desk at the office. Or, you could easily find one of many on Etsy for sale (or I have one in my shop too).

Here’s what my yearly calendar looks like in my planner. I simply printed it out and punched it with my arc punch {affiliate source} and slipped it right in the front.

2015 Calendar Marked

I think it’s super useful to have this at the front of the planner so I can reference it more easily. I also use it frequently when setting up my annual planner, which I will get into as we get into the next few days with the daily, weekly & monthly spreads. I’ll be going into detail about how I go about planning those views and what I include where. I have gotten SO many questions about how I set those up and I definitely plan to answer those in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already swing by the Planner Challenge post and see what this little challenge is all about! I am so glad you are taking the initiative to get 2015 organized and ready NOW vs. the January scramble 🙂 Definitely feel free to leave questions in the comments below and I will do my absolute best to answer them as we go through this month together.

2015 Planning Challenge

{planner challenge details}

Don’t forget to snap your planner pictures and use #pwoplan4newyear to play along!

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  1. Wendy B
    Wendy B says:

    Hi there Wendy!
    I’m not blonde but I feel I should be……I can’t find Day 2 of the Planner Challenge? Is it me???
    I’ve just found you via Pinterest and really need this to get myself organised for 2015….I’m the best procrastinator in the world so this is going to be great! thanks so much :o)

    • Wendy
      Wendy says:

      Hi there!

      Day 2 disappeared on us–not sure what happened to it! Yes, today is the 8th and I have been spending time soaking in the last moments of maternity leave with my newborn and thus, blog postings are a little behind. 🙂 I will be catching up soon! In the meantime, please follow along on Instagram, where I’ve been posting daily inspiration @wendy_prettywellorganized

      Thanks for following along!


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