Planner Challenge – Day 2 | Intro Page

I have no idea what happened, but my Day 2 post somehow disappeared a couple days after it was originally published, so this is my attempt to recreate it! My apologies that these posts are now out of order, but I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed here on the good ole internet 🙂

This post is super simple: Today is the day you should fill out any information in the introductory pages of your planner for 2015. My planner is very simple and has the following introductory sections: Name/If Found Page and a Welcome Note. That’s it! Very basic.


Planner Intro Page

Planner Intro Pages




If you need to catch up or are just joining us, stop by the Planner Challenge Intro page to learn more about this challenge & the awesome giveaway!


2015 Planning Challenge

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