Planner Challenge – Day 16 | Shopping List

Today’s planner challenge prompt is for shopping lists. I always feel like I have multiple shopping lists going: Grocery, Target, the inevitable “wish list” shopping list…and then there’s what the kid’s need, etc etc. It’s never ending! I have an entire section of my planner dedicated to maintaining these lists. With the exception of my meal planning/grocery list, I keep the rest of my shopping lists in the shopping list section of my planner. The pages look like this:

Shopping List Junior Right Side

I simply keep one page per store and add to it as I go. Since I use a Levenger cover & discs, I can easily pop the page out and add new pages as I go or need to. If you’re not familiar with what that looks like, here’s a picture of my planner:


For today’s task, transfer all your running shopping lists into your 2015 planner. Easy 🙂

Happy Planning!


PS. Remember, if you are just joining us, please pop over to the 2015 Planning Challenge to learn about the 31 day prompt challenge to get your planner set up for the new year!

2015 Planning Challenge

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  1. Havok
    Havok says:

    Now if only it were that easy to keep the coupons in my planner! After switching to the Personal size, I don’t have the larger pockets to hold my coupon envelope. I’ve only left it at home twice so far, but it would have been nice to have those two shopping trips!!


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