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Welcome to Day 14 of the 2015 Planner Challenge. I hope you all are enjoying getting your planners setup and ready to go for the new year. If you are just joining us, not to worry. You can catch up at any time by going to the first post and working your way through the tips and prompts along the way. Start here –> 2015 Planning Challenge.

Today’s discussion is focused on Goals, specifically setting goals.

What are Goals?

Goals can be anything as simple as “get to work on time each day this week” to as large and impactful as “define my purpose”. While I think both simple and profound goals are important, we have to think about the spectrum of goals when it comes to defining what they are.

With the start of the new year, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the whole New Years Resolution “thing”. I, personally, kind of hugely dislike the resolution concept. Who sticks to them? I would much rather set goals.

Scratch that.

I much rather set accomplishments.

I challenge you to join me in setting accomplishments for 2015. When you get to December 31, 2015, what do you want to have accomplished? Do you want to have run a marathon? Saved for a big trip? Paid off debt? Gotten in shape? Eaten healthier?

Here’s my list of 2015 Accomplishments:

1.) Be fit & healthy

2.) Develop a successful custom planner business {did you catch that??}

3.) Financial Peace

4.) Stronger Faith

Putting it out there is scary. It’s hard to type those things out on this screen–and it will be hard to hit publish. But if we are not even willing to share our big goals, the scary ones, how will we ever accomplish them? Find someone to share your goals with. If nothing else, write them down. Put them somewhere you can see them daily. Remind yourself where you want to be when December 31, 2015 rolls around and work FEARLESSLY to reach your goals.

Planner Goals

Define How to Get There

What will you need to do achieve those accomplishments? I can’t just sit at home and *hope* I become fit and healthy. I have to do something. So what am I going to do?

1.) Be fit & healthy: Continue to focus diligently on eating healthy by meal planning. Exercise regularly by scheduling activity in my schedule. Supplement diet and exercise with my favorite Advocare products {starting with a 24-day challenge on January 7th–see that–that’s specific!}. Since having a baby in October, I’ve lost 36 pounds. That’s a lot. I have to remind myself that often, because I still have a long way to go. I have 24 pounds to lose to get to my pre-baby weight {yes, that means I gained 60 pounds and no, I did not eat like crap or have gestational diabetes, promise}. I have bigger goals than that, because my pre-baby weight is definitely a far stretch from my goal weight, but it’s my first goal. I want to achieve that weight by March 6th, 6 months post baby.

2.) Develop a successful custom planner business: You heard it here first. I have my sights set on making the Pretty Planner more than it is currently. I am working on a customizable solution that will allow for anyone to select the “guts” if you will of my planner and make it unique {within reason, of course}. It’s in the early concept stage but I really hope to be launching it by the academic calendar year release in May, but if not by then, for sure by October for 2016 planners. There will be lots more to share about that in the future.

3.) Financial Peace: I am super lazy about our budget. It’s not a “we” issue, it’s a me issue. I just don’t pay much attention to our finances. We get income in; we put some in savings and we spend. Where it goes each month… ?? My goal for 2015 is to track it. To make a strict budget, to really work on paying our debts {student loans // car payment // mortgage // etc} and to stick to it. If you haven’t checked out Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University–it is a great place to start if you want to learn more about this topic.

4.) Stronger Faith: I have been working on this topic for at least a year. I can say that I have made leaps and bounds in my faith and am really excited about where things are headed for my family spiritually. We recently joined a new church and are about to start leading a small group called Alpha in January. I am really working on making quiet time for reflection and prayer a part of my daily routine and will continue to do so throughout 2015.

Next Steps

Now it’s your turn. Write down your achievements for 2015. What do you want to look back on and say you have accomplished? Put them somewhere that you can see them daily. I have this list written out and in my planner. It’s in the first page in my notes section. The next thing you need to do is determine how you are going to get there. Break it down. For me–take #1 above. I am focusing on becoming healthier and fit through 3 different things: diet, exercise and proper supplementation. To accomplish each of these, I need to do specific things each week. To accomplish a healthy diet, I have to plan out my meals. To keep myself accountable, each week I plan out meals on Sundays. If you look in my planner, every single Sunday I have “meal plan” written on my to do list. Yes, right now I have that in there. If you need to do something weekly to meet a long term goal: WRITE. IT. DOWN. If it’s there, you are much more likely to complete it so you can cross it off. Nike people, Nike {just do it}.

In the same regard, I will be writing in my workouts in my planner as well. Now I can’t write them all in today for the next 365 days, but I can write them in a week or two at a time. For now I’m really focusing on getting back in the swing of things, so the next few weeks or maybe even month, I will be focusing on building up my cardio endurance. I have time // distance goals that I’ve written into my planner to help me stay focused. I track them in the MyFitnessPal app, which is pretty neat. I highly recommend you check it out. You can even track meals in it if you wanted to. I just track my weight and my fitness.

That leaves me to supplementation. I take a pretty specific set of supplements each day to help support my meal plan and fitness goals. Without going into every detail {perhaps another day, another post}, I take a pre-natal to support nursing and make sure I’m eating every 3{ish} hours. I also drink a meal replacement shake in the morning {which is by far when I tend to slack on my diet the easiest–Starbucks is my weakness} and a light protein shake as my “dessert” an hour or so before bed. I have the daily break out taped up in our coffee cabinet as a reference–where I can easily check it as I prep my bag for work. This ensures I don’t forget anything I need during the day.

Anyway, enough about that–I just wanted to give some examples of how I take my goals and leverage my planner to support the accomplishment of those goals throughout the year. If you’re willing, share your goals below in the comments. Then you can come back later in the year and let me know how you are progressing. I’d love to hear!

Shameless plug: This process also aligns well to the much more in depth Purposeful Planning Worksheets that are available in my shop. They can be purchased with my planner or separately. 


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  1. Havok
    Havok says:

    I love love love the idea of picking things to accomplish versus just lofty goals. I’ve learned that its necessary to not just write down what you want to do, but write out how you intend to do to get there.
    It’s easy to say “lose the baby weight” (per your goal), but you’ve got a plan to do it! That’s the important part!
    I’ve gotten my goals all written up for the new year, and plans for the ones that need plans, and printed it all out on green paper for my planner. Everything else is on white paper so it sticks out well! Keeping it somewhere easy to refer to is also important. I’ve heard of people writing their goals out and hiding them away until the next New Years, and that just sounds silly!!


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