2015 Planning Challenge

I am determined to start 2015 off as my most organized year yet. I have so many, good, really good, things on my plate. I feel like I am doing the right things, what God has directed for me and my family, but my goodness, it is a lot. I know the only way I will be able to stay on top of it all is if I am extremely organized and intentional with the time I have.

What I need: A plan to plan.


As Merrit mentioned last week in her great post about making time for planning, I am really taking that to heart this month. In fact, we are about to do something super nerdy folks:

We’re planning for 2015… during…


I know, right? Mind = Blown.

During the month of December, I invite you to join me on a month long 2015 planning challenge, complete with a giveaway at the end of the month, of course. I’ll get to that part in a bit.

2015 Planning Challenge

Each day during December, I will be focusing on getting my 2015 planner set up for that given topic. My intention is to post about each of these, each day on both the blog and on social media. You can join in the fun by using #pwoplan4newyear.

Tomorrow we will get started. So grab a planner {I’m biased, but I think this one is pretty great}, your favorite supplies, and be ready for a fun filled month getting ready for 2015. I’m so excited to get started!

Giveaway Rules:

You must send me evidence that you have participated each day during the challenge by sending me a screen shot of your post on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #pwoplan4newyear. The first week of January, I will randomly select ONE WINNER who will get:

– One of EVERY ITEM in my Shop {planner inserts, notepads, calendars, yes, every item}

– One junior sized clear cover {Amazon Affiliate Link}

– One letter sized clear cover {Amazon Affiliate Link}

– Washi tape

– A set of my favorite pens {Amazon Affiliate Link}

All entries must be submitted by 1/2/2015 at 11:59pm Central Standard Time to prettywellorganized@gmail.com. You must follow wendy_prettywellorganized on Instagram or like Pretty Well Organized on Facebook for entries to be validated. All posts must remain visible (and not be private) to be eligible. Don’t want your profile to be public? Simply provide proof you shared your image! I wish you the best of luck in the giveaway–but mostly, I’m excited for us to start off 2015 as our most organized yet!


Please feel free to check out the challenge day posts here {will be updated as we go, so check back!}:

Day 1 | Cover // Day 2 | Intro Pages // Day 3 | Dashboard // Day 4 | Yearly View // Day 5 | Color Coding 

Day 6 | Daily Page // Day 7 | Weekly Spread // Day 8 | Monthly Spread // Day 9 | Fitness // Day 10 | Key Dates

Day 11 | Multi-Day Events // Day 12 | Checklists // Day 13 | To Do Lists // Day 14 | Goals // Day 15 | Notes

Day 16 | Shopping Lists // Day 17 | Dividers // Day 18 | Bills // Day 19 | Birthdays // Day 20 | Sunday Prep

Day 21 | Meal Planning // Day 22 | Tape // Day 23 | Pens // Day 24 | Favorite Tools // Day 25 | Holidays

Day 26 | Punches // Day 27 | Clips  // Day 28 | Cleaning Schedule // Day 29 | Household Items // Day 30 | Tabs

Day 31 | Back Cover

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