How to Write a Better To-Do List

When you’re on a quest to get more organized, the first thing people will usually tell you to tackle is starting a to-do list.  To-do lists are a great way to remember all the tasks you need to get done, prioritize those tasks, and motivate yourself to get them done.  A to-do list is an essential part […]

Meal Planning Post Baby

In the midst of falling in love over and over and over again with our sweet little boy, I did what every new mother should avoid doing. Looking in the mirror. Yuck. Is that really what I look like?  Ok, ok. I know I should give myself a break, but 3 weeks post baby and I already […]

5 Secrets for Home Staging

Hi guys!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be hanging out with all of you PWO followers today! My name is Claire, and I blog over at Claire Brody. I first discovered Wendy on Instagram and then met her at Haven Conference in Atlanta back in July. I absolutely adore Wendy and […]

Please Welcome Sara Moore!

I recently attended an Online Blogger education seminar called ALT for Everyone. It was a 3 day virtual meet up where bloggers can go to learn more about how to be better bloggers and to network. It was an amazing experience and if YOU are a blogger (or thinking about becoming one) I highly recommend […]

Introducing Baby William

There is no greater blessing than that of a newborn child. On Monday, October 6th at 8:17am, God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy, William David. He came into the world via c-section…all 9 pounds, 11 ounces and 20″ of him. He has dark brown hair and the darkest newborn eyes I’ve ever seen. […]

2015 Planner is Here!

After many months of planning, rebinding, changes and edits, I am SO excited to bring you the latest in my shop collection, designed specifically with intentional day planning in mind. This is not meant to be just a planner. It is designed to help you simplify your life and days to ensure that you have […]

Sponsor Love

Hello friends! A couple quick words today before we get into a SUPER awesome October full of planning and purging to get ready for the holidays/year end! Crazy to think about that, but it is reality. I am very hopeful that being on maternity leave means a lot of projects and fun things in store […]