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Earlier this week I posted about my son’s nursery closet and how to keep those itty bitty items organized with a hint of creativity and DIY. Today I’m sharing my daughter’s closet reveal with you.
What’s so special about these two closets? For starters, they are exactly the same closet. In our home we have 2 kids rooms side by side, that are exactly the same size. The rooms are literally a mirror image of one another.
What I’m saying is…
You can totally make closets useable as your child grows!
Here’s a quick peek back at my son’s nursery closet:
My daughter’s room is exactly the same only mirrored, so her tall hanging side is on the right versus the left. This is the before picture. Not a huge change, but a necessary one! We did a lot of purging during this process and took a lot of her clothes to consignment or took them to ThredUp {here for more on the ThredUp service}.
I cleaned out the floor of her closet and emptied the pink bin.  The pink bin is our “these are too small” bin to toss in clothes as we figure out they are too small. Super great way to purge as you go versus having to do a major closet overhaul down the road.

{Apparently I needed supervision}

Really not a huge difference. I removed the shoe hanger which had be holding shorts before. Olivia’s shorts were (finally!) getting to be a little too big for the repurposed shoe organizer so I picked up these cute plastic drawers during The Container Store’s sale a couple weeks ago and threw her pants, shorts, skirts and seasonal jacket into the drawers. I also cleared off her shelf above and most of those items went to consignment or were packed into the drawers as well. Sometimes the simplest projects add the most value. Putting her clothes away has been MUCH easier since I made these updates because now her closet isn’t as crowded and her dresser got a little refresh during the process as well. 

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