Laundry Organization Challenge



Everyone’s favorite topic…laundry!!
Who am I kidding…
Just because we don’t like it, does not mean it’s going to go away. In fact, it’s one thing in life that is certain {death, taxes & laundry?}. Further, just when you think you are done, you’re already not {assuming you wear clothes on laundry day}. The next couple weeks we are going to explore ways to make this seemingly awful boring task easier, more streamlined and manageable.
Some quick goals for the next two weeks:
1.) Get inspired with beautiful laundry spaces {everything is better with a little glam, right?}
2.) Create a laundry schedule {to keep things simple}
3.) Create laundry reference {to save us in a bind}
4.) Purge & organize our laundry room/closet {less stuff means less to organize}
5.) Celebrate with a Link Party!
Today we are going to start with goal #1: Get inspired. The rest of today’s post is going to be completely visual, with gorgeous laundry room spaces of all shapes and sizes. Leave me a note in the comments below telling me what you plan to tackle with your laundry room the next few weeks–I’d love to know!

{Martha Stewart}




What are musts for your laundry space? Tell me in the comments below; I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Sarah Spain
    Sarah Spain says:

    Actually, I LOVE doing laundry! I’ve tried many different ways, from the one load per day, to everything on one day. I’d have to say that it really depends on the schedule. When I worked 50 hours a week, it made the most sense to have everything done on Sunday, then I had all my clothes clean and folded for the workweek, but it took allllll day. Now I do sheets and towels on Sunday, clothes on Monday, delicates and line dry on Tuesday. I do a couple of loads in the morning and have them dry and folded in the afternoon. But my work is flexible now, so I can do that.

    Anyway – the POINT is that I’ve learned that ample space for hanging dry and folding is necessary to getting your laundry “done”. Otherwise it sits in the dryer or the laundry basket until you have time, which is never. I’m so jealous, good luck!

  2. Jamie Myers
    Jamie Myers says:

    I organized once before, but the organization has gotten a little lazy. I need to figure out some new ways so then it’s easy to achieve by all members of my family.

  3. Amanda Fettig
    Amanda Fettig says:

    I love these spaces! We have a tiny laundry room with just a large ugly shelf above that is all open. Hoping to eventually (SOON!) redo the whole space and put some cabinets in and make it look much more pretty. These laundry rooms are some great inspiration! Thanks for the post! Visiting from One Project at a Time. 🙂

  4. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    Great ideas and tips! I recently redecorated and organized my laundry room. During the renovations, I used a great laundry service that picked up my clothes, washed and folded them. It was truly a great investment! Thanks for sharing this post.


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