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So far in our May Pretty Well Organized year-long challenge, we have tackled organizing our photos from both camera to computer and iPhone to computer. Angela is here today from Blue.i.Style to share her take on utilizing photos from one of the most important days in our lives–our wedding day.
My wedding day was incredibly special, filled with family and friends and so, so many memories! Like many couples, my husband and I spent nearly a year planning every detail of the big event, and then it was over in the blink of an eye. Of course, we have hundreds thousands of photos, and even a video, to document the big and small moments of that day. Just getting your wedding album put together is a big job {one that took me five years to complete}. And what about all those wedding mementos that don’t fit in the album?


There are endless ways that you can preserve and display your wedding memories, from scrapbooks and framed photos, to shadow boxes and time capsules, but today I’m excited to share 6 of the ways that I’ve incorporate our wedding and honeymoon mementos in to our daily lives through the decor of our home.
Photo Bordered By Vows
What I most want to remember from our wedding day are the promises we made to one another. That is why, as a first anniversary for my husband, I created a border around a photo of us saying our vows and overlaid the text of those vows.  The framed canvas photo hangs just outside of our bedroom where it serves as a daily reminder of our beautiful wedding day and the vows that we shared.

Memory Box
Shortly after we were married, I purchased a gorgeous nickel plated brass keepsake box embossed with the word “VOWS.”
The box is perfect for holding precious wedding mementos, including a copy of our invitation and save the date card, our wedding program, my garter, one of our table numbers, our marriage license, the menu from our rehearsal dinner, and a letter my dad wrote to my husband right after we were engaged with advice for a happy marriage.  
I display our VOWS box on a console table in our living room, right on top of the stack of our wedding photo books.
I purchased the VOWS box from Red Envelope, but unfortunately it is no longer available. However, you can certainly find a beautiful box that fits your style if you just do a bit of looking. You’ll want to make sure your memory box is archival quality {acid free} so that any papers and photos inside are not damaged over time. 
Photo Books
Rather than simply creating one photo album to hold all of the photos of your wedding day, consider putting together a set of photo books to capture every special moment from the proposal through the honeymoon. We have a set of four photo books that I designed and printed through Shutterfly for our proposal, engagement photos, wedding, and honeymoon.
Everyone loves to hear a good proposal story, so why not give yours it’s very own book? Whether you have many photos of the event, or just a couple, you can fill the pages of with the story of that day. You might even want to have two written accounts – one from your perspective, on one from your spouse.
My husband’s proposals was really an all day event. He sent me on a scavenger hunt all around the city, with destinations that spanned each of the phases of our relationship and involved many of our family and friends. I wanted to be sure to document the entire process {including the riddles that I had to solve at each stop}, so I put all of the photos of my day-long adventure into a photo book, together with the riddles and their solutions.
Engagement photos are like a right of passage, and while one or two of those photos may make it into a frame on your wall, what about all of those other gorgeous shots? Don’t let them collect virtual dust on your computer hard drive – give them their own photo book! We were lucky to have a friend take all of our engagement photos in downtown Denver, and the photo shoot was so much fun! I put together an entire photo book dedicated to these photos, with a special section at the back just for all of the goofy “outtake” photos!
Even if you have a formal wedding album, a photo book can be a wonderful way to capture all of the details of the day. Our wedding book starts with photos of my husband and I getting ready, and includes the wedding party and family portraits, the venue and decor, the ceremony and reception, the cake cutting, the bouquet and garter toss, group shots of our guests at their assigned tables, and candids of our family and friends dancing the night away.
A wedding photo book can also be a perfect place to document the officiants words and any readings. I also noted within the pages of our book the songs that were played at special moments throughout the ceremony and reception. Photos are wonderful, but as the years go by, I don’t want to forget any of those other details that made the day so special.
Finally, your honeymoon certainly deserves a photo book all it’s own! I chose to organize mine in chronological order, and I added small bits of text to identify locations and monuments.
Framed Invitation
Wedding photos aren’t the only thing you can frame. Why not frame your invitation?
I spent a lot of time designing all of our wedding stationery, from the Save the Date Cards to the Thank You notes, and everything in between. Our invitations were a simple black with white text, but to dress them up, I wrapped a blue ribbon around each and affixed an engagement photo to the ribbon. When the photo was in place, all that could be seen of the invitation was the text at the top and bottom reading “The Wedding” and “Angela & Scott.” But once the ribbon and photo were removed, the remainder of the invitation text was visible.
Since I wanted to display our invitation both with and without the photo, I opted for a sleek and cool double sided magnetic frame. Click here for more details.
Aisle Runner Turned Pillow
Our wedding venue was once the Midwest Steel and Ironworks building where large ship parts were built for the Navy in the early 1900’s. We loved the industrial feel of the space, and as a result, we kept the ceremony decorations very minimal. The focal point of the ceremony was the custom, 47” wide black aisle runner with our names and wedding date printed in white script. I wanted to find a way to repurpose the aisle runner, and after years of considering different options, I finally decided to turn the runner into a decorative pillow for our bed. It is such a special item that {almost} motivates me to make the bed every day.
Click here for more details about this project.
Honeymoon Inspired Decor
Incorporating wedding mementos into your home’s decor is a wonderful way to preserve the memories of that day, and the same goes for your honeymoon! Whether you escape to an exotic destination or enjoy a quick getaway nearby, your honeymoon is an incredibly special time, and one that you’d probably like to relive over and over. So why not bring a little slice of your honeymoon home with you?  
Whatever the vibe of your honeymoon — romantic, relaxing, adventurous, cozy — find a spot in your home where you can infuse that inspiration. That could mean turning your bedroom into a hotel like retreat, filling a shelf in your kitchen with cookbooks collected from your travels and photos of delicious meals you enjoyed, or simply a photo gallery in your living room or hallway. But whatever it is, don’t let those honeymoon memories stay tucked away in a photo album – put them on display where you can enjoy them every day!
My husband and I honeymooned in Greece, and it was a trip of a lifetime! Our time in the Greek islands was pure bliss, so we drew upon our travels in order to create a relaxing and inviting guest room and en suite bathroom. Just stepping into that room brings back wonderful memories, and now our guests get to enjoy a little taste of Greece when they stay with us {and we have a nice little retreat when we need to escape without leaving home}.
Click here to read the details about how our travels in the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos, including one specific hotel, inspired the design of our guest bedroom and bathroom.  
These are just a few of the ways that I’ve incorporated our wedding photos and mementos to the decor of our home and kept them present in our daily lives.
On a more literal organizing note, I decided to hold on to my wedding planning binder, but to make it more manageable, I culled through it to remove unnecessary items. I saw no need to keep brochures for the bakeries we didn’t use or the photographers we didn’t hire. You likely don’t need to keep any of your wedding planning binder if you don’t want to, but I often get questions about the caterer or the band, and it is nice to be able to just flip through the binder to quickly pass on referrals and recommendations to friends!

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