Happy Anniversary Hubs!

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this one.  My hubs and I have been married SIX years today! SIX! Had someone told me on our wedding day that we would be in the place we are today, with a beautiful daughter and a little boy on the way, living in our dream […]

Friday Faves: Top Organizing Products

The number one question I get from all you lovely, and I mean it, truly lovely {I can’t even express my gratitude for all your kind words from yesterday’s post} is “what are your favorite products?” or “where can I buy that?” Well today, sweet friends, I’m sharing these favorite organizing products over on Ask […]

Gender Reveal Party

With your first child it is all anxiety and a sense of severe panic trying to figure out everything from omg what is breastfeeding to, hold up there are multiple diaper brands? What the hell is a diaper genie? With the second it’s like, oh I’m 30 weeks pregnant? Maybe I should like, find the crib […]

Wedding Photo Memories

So far in our May Pretty Well Organized year-long challenge, we have tackled organizing our photos from both camera to computer and iPhone to computer. Angela is here today from Blue.i.Style to share her take on utilizing photos from one of the most important days in our lives–our wedding day.   My wedding day was […]

Easy iPhone Photo Organization

As a follow up to my post How to Organize Digital Photos, it’s only fair that I share a tutorial on how to organize the photos from your iPhone and integrate these into all of our memories.  That’s right–all photos: ONE location!  The concept is the same, so if you haven’t read the tutorial on […]

Digital Photo Organization

You may know, I’m an auditor by day. I like things neat and orderly and easy to follow.  Organizing digital photos and files is no exception. Right before our daughter was born I had purchased a new MacAir notebook. I was in graduate school getting my Masters of Accountancy and I was D.O.N.E. with Dell computers. […]

How Should I Organize Memories?

{via} We all know them.  The moms who have the perfectly organized, perfectly cleaned homes.  Kids without a stain in sight and seemingly perfect manners. And a bookcase full of perfectly homemade scrapbooks, chronicling each moment in each child’s life. And it’s current. None of those things are me. My house is a disaster.  Having […]

Friday Faves – What I’m Crushing On Now

We are going to mix-it up a little bit from the typical organization posts and I’m going to share with you five of my faves from this week.  Prepare for randomness because that’s what I’m feeling this week. Y’all know by now that we are expecting a wee-one in early October.  In preparation, I’m giving […]

2014-2015 Pretty Planner Preview

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working on some new products for my Etsy shop, including a 2nd release of my planner.  For those of you who have my 1st release, which ran January 1-December 31, this release is a bit different.  Why you ask? For starters, it has a completely different look and feel […]

New Home Tour: Main Level – Part 1

After three months of unpacking, I finally feel like our main level is in a place that I’m ready to share a mini tour of our home. Just kidding!  You know that moment when you’ve cleaned your house in preparation for company, and about 2 minutes before they arrive you take a look around and […]