Pantry Organization Feature: Blue.i.Style

Hi!  I’m Angela from Blue i Style, and I’m thrilled to be back today to help Wendy wrap up Kitchen Month by sharing my pantry makeover with you! And I don’t use the word “makeover” lightly… we are talking major changes, and pretty changes! Just a couple of weeks ago, my pantry was a DISASTER. […]

Pantry Organization Inspiration

PWO Organization Challenge Week 8 Intro: Pantry OrganizationFor those of us who are fortunate enough to be blessed with a pantry, this week is focused on organizing for you!  For those of you who don’t, I did a post last summer on organizing cabinets used as a pantry that you can check out here.Before we […]

Meal Planning is a Breeze with eMeals & a GIVEAWAY

Mmmm… Just finished another yummy and intimate family meal.  Family meals are definitely in my Top 5 all time favorite things–towards the top.  I love the intimacy it brings.  We talk about our days, what we learned, what was hard and what was good. And we pray. It’s a really special time together where we […]

Organized Meal Planning from Life in Positudiness

I have been planning my meals for the past two years.  Well, at least that’s my intention!! When I was in college and living by myself, it was so easy for me to just have a bowl of cereal or snack on some chips or anything.  However, it surely wasn’t healthy.  I always found myself […]

Organization Challenge Update: What Matters Most

Hello loves!  You know what I love?  This. {helping mommy by reading my memory journal}This is real life, me locked in my office/pantry, working on my blog for just 5 minutes, promise.Aren’t we all guilty of saying “oh I just need 5 minutes, just give mommy 5 minutes to do XYZ.”Enough.Let’s talk about why organization […]

Organized Spice Drawer – From Niki @ Hello Stripes!

This post is from my dear contributor Niki from Hello Stripes! I’ve been dreading this project – which may explain why it’s taken me nine months to finally get around to…it is just one of those problem areas that doesn’t inconvenience you all the time, but the payoff of getting it in order is a […]

Tips to Organize Spices

I love love love Week 6 of this challenge.  Mostly because I love how EASY spice organization is for really anyone.  The reason I think this is such an important space is two fold: First, cooking is so, so important in any home.  I firmly believe the kitchen is the heart of every home, where family […]

How to Organize Your Spices: Week 6 Intro

Time for a confession: Woah.  Moving. Was. Ridiculous. I am so glad it’s over.   Now I can get back to my love child: this blog.  Let’s get organized, shall we?? This week is WEEK 6!!!  Can you believe it?  This year has gone SO fast already!  Week 6 is a continuation of this fabulous February […]

PWO Organization Challenge – Kitchen Reference via Dwell Delightfully

Hello again! It’s Lisa from Dwell Delightfully! I’m excited to be back for the second month of Wendy’s 2014 Organizational Challenge here at Pretty Well Organized! This month we’re tackling the kitchen, which is definitely the center of our home. Having an organized kitchen is extremely important when so much of our family time is spent […]

PWO February Kick-Off!

As I shared Saturday, I am up to my eye balls in boxes at our new house!  We are LOVING it–but oh. my. gosh.  the boxes.  They are overwhelming, even for me! There are over 100, did I mention that?  100.   ONE HUNDRED. Geesh.  I was able to take Monday and Friday off from […]