PWO Organization Challenge: Filing via Niki from Hello Stripes!

Hi lovely PWO readers! Big thank you to Wendy for asking me to contribute to this wonderful blog. First, let me say, I am not a natural born organizer. It has been a skill that I have had to learn and struggle with regularly. I love being organized, I just (most of the time) don’t […]

A piece of my heart…

I had planned to post about filing today… But I just can’t. You see.  I’m a ball of emotions. We just signed the papers on the sale of our town house.  The new owners take possession tomorrow.  This is happy, right?  We sold our house much faster than I expected and are moving into brand […]

PWO Organization Challenge: Filing – A few of my FAVE Products & Filing Inspiration

Following yesterday’s Week 4 Introduction, I promised to bring you my favorite filing products, super amazing pictures and lots of inspiration.  I aim to please, folks.   For starters, I absolutely love all things acrylic. I love that you can move it around into any space and it always matches!  It’s clear, for starters!  What […]

PWO Organization Challenge: Week 4 Intro – Filing

{via} Welcome to Week 4 of the 2014 Organization Challenge!  This week’s focus is FILING.  So far we have: Week 1: Created a budget Week 2: Tackled Incoming Mail Week 3: Paid the Bills If you need to play catch up, follow the links above!  Otherwise, let’s get ready for another fun week!  This week, […]

Weekly Link Party #3! Let’s Party Peeps!

It’s that time again!  Time to link up your beautiful bill paying goodness!  I can’t wait to see what y’all have done!

PWO Organization Challenge: A Bill Payment Plan via Sandie from Life in Positudiness

Hey guys! I am thrilled to “officially” start this PWO Organization Challenge with you all!! Wendy is so organized with her bill paying. Isn’t her system really clever?!  Keeping everything needed to pay bills and keep track of them in one small Filofax planner is a wonderful idea!  You can just carry it anywhere you […]

PWO Organization Challenge: Week 3 – Bill Payment Reveal

Today I’m sharing my approach to my least favorite topic: paying bills. No one likes it, but the more organized you are about it, the easier it can be. For years I struggled with, ‘what have I paid?’ and ‘is this the right amount due?’  I missed bills.  I double paid them.  I never knew […]

PWO Organization Challenge: Week 3 Intro – Bill Payment

Welcome to Week 3 of the Pretty Well Organized, 2014 Organization Challenge!  This week’s focus is Bill Payment.  Who is groaning?  Everyone.  No one is like, SCORE! I get to pay bills tonight?!? Whoo hoo!!! Let’s face it, dealing with bills is no fun, but by organizing the process, it’s a breeze! Anything that can […]

PWO Organization Challenge: Week 2 Link Up!

TGIF Ladies!!!  Where has this week gone?? I feel like it was just Monday!  We are less than 10 days away from our big {first of 2} moves and I just know the next few weeks are going to FLY by for us!   If you’ve been following along awhile now, you may have already […]

PWO Organization Challenge: Incoming Paper Tips via Lisa from Dwell Delightfully

I want to start by thanking Wendy for including me in her incredible group of contributors! When she asked me to share my thoughts on Incoming Papers, the timing was perfect. We just moved from Germany into a new home here in Texas three months ago and this has been my incoming paper situation so […]