Post Holiday Clean up & Storage

I don’t know about you, but after the holidays it’s like a bomb went off in my house. Wrapping paper everywhere, decor strewn about, laundry piled up like you wouldn’t believe!  Today, my friends from Fabric Care Solutions have offered to share a few tips for cleaning up after the holidays.

Moving: Packing

Given that we have a month until our first move date, I have been focusing on really decluttering and editing our things prior to packing them up to move.  A few basic rules I follow when doing any decluttering, but am especially focused on since we are moving: 1.) Do we love it? 2.) Do we […]

Moving: The Moving Binder

  In case you are just joining me in my quest for organization, we bought a new house!  With that comes a seemingly insane list of to do items.  As weird as it may sound, we’ve been “casually” looking at houses for a couple years.  We knew our time in our townhouse was limited.  We […]

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Start Your Own Christmas Morning Traditions

By Caitlin Boyle for Ideas That Spark If your typical Christmas morning is a wild rollercoaster ride that peters out after 10 minutes of frenzied unwrapping, perhaps it’s time to instill some new traditions. Here are seven holiday activities to slow down and make the morning more magical and memorable for both you and your […]

Update: Major Home Announcement

DREAM HOME ANNOUNCEMENT! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed by the plethora of annoying pictures that we bought a new house!  We’re moving in early February, so we are lusting over all kinds of new home related items, like fences (sexy).  Therefore I have my eye on lots of things like […]

Holiday Cards: A Last Minute Solution with Cozi

Still trying to get those holiday cards out?  ME TOO!  Don’t fret!  Cozi has a great solution to help you get your cards out on time, in a neat and organized fashion. Courtesy of Cozi, the organizing app for the modern family. New in Cozi Gold: Contacts – the address book for families, and the […]

Holiday Wish List: Shopping for Him

Have a special man in your life?  Husband, father, brother, cousin… I have some gift ideas for you!  I picked the brain of my hubs and asked him if he could pick anything for Christmas, what would he want?  Here are his “man” answers. Under $25: A Trilogy.  “Any three movies a guy would like.” […]

Coupon Organization

If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest you have probably picked up on the fact that we are moving into a new house soon.  As a result, I have been crazily watching every penny we spend and have taken a brand new obsession of coupons into my standard weekly craziness.  Naturally, I started clipping […]

Favorite Gifts

Looking for a gift for your special someone?  I’m going to launch few part series to help you pick out holiday gifts for your loved ones!  After taking a little break to celebrate the fact that I turned THIRTY (ahh!) I think it’s appropriate I start out with MY favorite things this holiday season. Project […]