Project #4: Kitchen Disaster Drawer…aka the Kitchen Tools

We all have one: it’s a drawer of kitchen “tools” that seemingly is impossible to have any sort of resemblence of order.  I am constantly wedging larger ladles and spoons in there for dear life.  It is a MESS. I’m not lying: Disgusting right?  I would inevitably open the drawer, find whatever I needed as […]

Liebster Nominations (the Anti-VMA)

I’m taking time out from my kitchen project to share a special something with you all! The sweet Sandie from LifeInPositudiness was so kind as to nominate me for Liebster Award!!!  The Liebster, which means “dearest” in German, is a way for up-and-coming bloggers to demonstrate each others appreciation for what we do.  I am […]

Project #4: An Organized Pantry

Continuing with the Kitchen Project of my 13 Projects in 2013 series, today I’m sharing my newly organized pantry. We don’t have a “pantry” per se.  We have deep cabinets on either side of our fridge that have these loooovely pull out drawers: Note I said the drawers were lovely… the mess inside, well, it’s […]

Project #4: Organized Meal Planning

Happy Hump Day lovelies!!!  Today I’m talking food.  Food and organization.  NOM NOM. For the LONGEST time we really struggled with meal planning at our house.  We would rush home with a quick stop to school to get our daughter and inevitably rush through the front door, collapse, look at each other and say “What […]

Project #4: Baking Cabinet

At home, we have been eating mostly paleo for the last 9 or so months.  I {naturally} assumed this would decrease the quantity of items in our pantry/cabinets, which it has…for the most part.  I love how much more fresh food we eat.  I feel better and well, that’s fabulous! I still find that I […]

Project #4: Quick & {un} Dirty Part 2

Just a quick note… Did you know??!?  I live FOUR HOURS from the nearest Container Store.  So, free shipping is a huge deal for me {because they have the most ridiculous shipping charges of all time!!!}.  I will definitely be making a big ole order with a promo this good.  Enjoy!!!

Project #4: Quick & {un} Dirty

While I’m about 27 steps into what feels like a million in organizing our kitchen {i.e. it’s a hot mess right now} I thought I would share a quick way I organized and collected a few loose items that have been wandering around our countertop like lost souls. Typically, our hand soap, dish soap, veggie […]

Project #4: Let’s Spice Things Up!

I’ll admit it, I have been dreaming about this project for a very long time.  In fact, I’ve been hoarding the materials for it since the beginning of July {so 6 weeks} waiting for 2 hours of time to myself to tackle getting it completed. As I shared last week, I have a lot of […]

Project #4: Pantry Organization Inspiration

Like I mentioned last week I am working this month on tackling organizing our kitchen.  At first glance, the images I showed didn’t look terrible, right {I’m picturing you nodding like, oh yeah girl, it’s totally fiiiiine!}.  However, if you open the cabinets, you might not like what you see.  I know I certainly don’t.  So […]

Project #4: The Kitchen Preview

Enough procrastination… it’s time to tackle the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of every home.  A place where families gather for meals, for holidays and for time spent together.  It is incredibly important that the space be well planned, uncluttered and functional, both visually via counters and ledges, but also behind doors in cabinets […]